Together, we sow the seeds of positive change!

With 2024 in full swing, we couldn’t think of a better time to share an exciting update on the Londolozi Ripple Fund small businesses and entrepreneurs. The latest news and adventures of the four farmers we support have all been made possible through your incredible support and generosity. The significant impact that you have had on these individuals, their families, and their communities has been astounding.

Dancing in the rain – Nkhensani

Nkhensani’s farm has been flourishing with the arrival of much-needed rains. Over the last swelteringly hot months, she took the heat and its added challenges in her stride, planting heat-tolerant crops like sweet potatoes, beetroot, cassava, and pumpkins. Excitingly, a permaculture design crafted by Nkhensani and the Londolozi habitat team has been drawn up and put into the works. Chris Goodman, Londolozi’s permaculture expert, has developed her plan which focuses on water management, earth dams, gravity-fed irrigation and more. The first swales are being marked out, and we look forward to updating you further on the permaculture plan! Nkhensani has repurposed old gum poles and lattice fencing donated by Londolozi to fix her damaged fence after a surprise visit from a stray herd of cattle. Shade remains a huge priority for Nkhensani, who is exploring parasol shade from various tree types.

Nkhensani planning her permaculture design!

The Resilient Supplier – David

David continues to lead with his huge smile, harvesting excellent produce. The December heatwave posed challenges, affecting his growing areas without shade. To tackle this, David is eyeing more shade structures and improved water storage. A collaborative effort with other lodges and potential government assistance is being explored for a much-needed storeroom. David remains passionate and committed to teaching farming skills to youngsters, partnering with Mketse Primary School. There, he educates their students about the importance of farming and teaches the children skills on how to do it. David gives the Mketse school feeding scheme supplemental vegetables whenever he has excess. It would be his dream to get the kids more involved during the school holidays.

Eggs In The Nest – The Mathebula Family

The Mathebula’s egg production remains steady, but with roughly 80 chickens and the recent bird flu, they anticipate a temporary lull in egg production and income until June of this year. To ensure the sustainability of their family business, the Ripple Fund is donating 200 new chickens to the Mathebula’s that will arrive in June. The construction of their second coop has been put on hold until the new chickens arrive. Plans for this year include expanding to 1000 chickens, building of the second coop, and ultimately creating a more sustainable business plan for the family.

From Eggs to Expanding Dreams – Frank

The same problem applies to Frank, where no chickens will be available until June. Around this time, the plan is to fill five barns with 200 chickens each, increasing his flock number to 2000. The Ripple Fund is assisting Frank with finding new buyers, thus expanding his market. Frank’s food forest is really taking shape; shade netting and poles have also been donated to further his growing area. Frank’s farm is growing mangos, lemons, marulas, and bananas, providing a diverse and sustainable future. Frank’s adaptability is phenomenal, as he is now growing corn to assist with feeding his chickens.

Despite recent challenges, your continued support has allowed these farmers to overcome the hardships and really reach for their dreams. As we move into 2024, we aim to make their visions a reality. Any contribution, no matter the size, contributes to the sustainability and success of these four wonderful farmers, their families, and their communities. Your generosity truly ripples through the communities, fostering growth, resilience, and empowerment.

How to Contribute

  • If you would like some more detailed, one-on-one information, or if you would like to make a donation to the Londolozi Ripple Fund and start your own ripple effect, please reach out to us at

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. Together, we sow the seeds of positive change!

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